Welcome to Seminole Youth Soccer!

Announcement: Registration is now open for Spring 2021!

Upcoming Dates

Registration Deadline

Saturday – January 16, 2021

Opening Practice 

Saturday – February 20, 2021

Click on this link Covid 19 Rules, to access the rules for following the social distancing guidelines set forth to participate in the Spring 2021 season.

Spring 2021 Season

Schedule for Second Week of Practice

The practice schedule for Saturday, February 27 is posted below. Be sure to check this schedule each week. The games schedule will be up very soon.

Opening Saturday Review

Thank you to everyone that came out to opening day on Saturday. We are especially thankful to all of the parents that stepped up to help coach this season. We could not offer the program that we do without the great volunteers that coach and referee our teams.


Online registration is not available at this time. If you wish to register for the spring 2021 season, you will need to come to Sylvan Lake Park tomorrow (Saturday, February 27) in order to register. Check the schedule below for the times of the teams in your child’s age group.

Uniforms and Schedules

The uniforms have been ordered, and they will be here by the first game. Schedules for all age groups except for the High School group have been posted. Please remember that the schedule can change, so be sure to check it each week. We will post any changes to the website.

Important Spring 2021 Dates:
        Opening Practice  ..................... February 20, 2021
        Opening Games    ......................March 6, 2021

Practice Schedule
Saturday, February 27

Your field assignment is next to your team name. Come by the tent if you need directions.
 8:30	U5 Crew-3A; U5 Dynamo-3B
        U5 Fire-3C; U5 Galaxy-3D
        U9 Earthquakes-4A; U9 Fire-4B
 9:00	Tots Crew-1A; Tots Dynamo-1B
        Tots Earthquakes-1C; Tots Fire-1D 
        Tots Galaxy-2A; Tots Rapids-2B
10:00	U5 Rapids-3A; U5 Sounders-3B
        U5 United-3C; U5 Whitecaps-3D
	U9 Galaxy-4A; U9 Revolution-4B
10:30	Tots Sounders -1A; Tots Revolution-1B
  	Tots United-1C; Tots Whitecaps-1D
 	U6 Crew-2A; U6 Dynamo-2B
11:30	U8 Crew-3A; U8 Dynamo-3B
  	U9 Sounders-4A; U9 Whitecaps-4B
12:00	U6 Fire-1A; U6 Galaxy-1B
  	U6 Revolution-2A; U6 Sounders-2B

 1:00	U8 Fire-3A; U8 Rapids-3B
 	U11 Galaxy-4A; U11 Impact-4B
 1:30	U6 Timbers-1A; U6 Whitecaps-1B
 	U7 United-2A; U7 Whitecaps-2B
 2:30	U8 Timbers-3A; U8 Whitecaps-3B
 	U11 Galaxy Blue-4A; U11 Dynamo-4B
 3:00	U7 Earthquakes-1A; U7 Galaxy-1B
 	U7 Impact-2A; U7 Timbers-2B
 3:30 	U13 Crew-C; U13 Dynamo-C
 4:00 	U11 Rapids-7A; U11 Sounders-7B
 	U11 Timbers United-8A; U11 Whitecaps-8B 
 	U13 Wizards-B; U13 Rapids-B
 4:30	U7 Crew-2A; U7 Dynamo-2B
 	U7 Sounders-1A; U7 Revolution-1B
 5:00	U15 Crew-A; U15 Earthquakes-A
 5:30	U13 Sounders-C; U13 Galaxy-C
 	HS Fire-7A; HS Dynamo-7B
 	HS Galaxy-8
 6:00 	U15 Dynamo-C; U15 Revolution-C

More Information?
If you have further questions you can email us at register@seminoleyouthsoccer.com or call the league office at 407-324-5354.