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Upcoming Dates

No Games Scheduled

March 11 or March 18, 2023

Opening Games

March 25, 2023

Spring 2023

No Games Over Spring Break

Due to many people traveling one or both weekends of the Seminole County Public Schools spring break, we will not hold any games those two weekends. We hope everyone enjoys the time to get away or relax at home.

Opening Games – Saturday, March 25, 2023

Opening games are set for Saturday, March 25th. Although we set the schedule before the season begins, we do have to make changes to it from time to time. Always be sure to check the schedule on our main page for the most up to date times for your games.

Here are some things to remember each week:

  • Show up early, as your game must start on time.
  • Parking is tight, but there is a lot of unused parking in the back of the park.
  • Be sure your child hydrates before, during, and after his/her game.
  • Bugs can be a problem early and late. We recommend bug spray at those times.
  • Coaches and referees are volunteers, please show them respect.
  • Use only shouts of praise and encouragement for the kids.


Uniforms for new players, players that switched teams, or players that needed a new one will be here by the first games on March 25th. We will distribute the uniforms through the coaches/team parents. When you arrive for you game on the 25th, your coach or team mom will hand them out at the field.

Opening Game Schedule

March 25, 2023

Time      Teams                                           Field
 8:00     U5 Revolution vs U5 Sounders                      3A
          U5 Galaxy vs U5 Rapids                            3B
          U9 Crew vs U9 Whitecaps                           4
 8:30     Tots Fire vs Tots Rapids                          1A
          Tots Crew vs Tots Whitecaps                       1B
          U6 Revolution vs U6 Sounders                      2
 9:30     U5 Whitecaps vs U5 Dynamo                         3A
          U5 United vs U5 Crew                              3B
          U9 Galaxy vs U9 Timbers                           4
10:00     Tots Dynamo vs Tots Earthquakes                   1A
          Tots Revolution vs Tots Sounders                  1B
          U6 Earthquakes vs U6 Whitecaps                    2
11:00     U8 Rapids vs U8 Dynamo                            3
          U9 Galaxy 2 vs U9 Sounders                        4
11:30     U7 Rapids vs U7 Sounders                          1
          U6 Galaxy vs U6 United                            2
12:30     U8 Sounders vs U8 Fire                            3
          U9 Impact vs U9 Revolution                        4
 1:00     U7 United vs U7 Whitecaps                         1
          U6 Fire vs U6 Dynamo                              2
 2:00     U8 Timbers vs U8 Crew                             3
          U9 Dynamo vs U9 United                            4
 2:30     U7 Galaxy vs U7 Fire                              1
          U7 Dynamo vs U7 Crew                              2
 3:00     U11 United vs U11 Impact                          5
          U11 Sounders 1 vs U11 Rapids                      6
          U13 Dynamo vs U13 Impact                          A
 3:30     U11 Timbers vs U11 Fire                           3
          U16 Dynamo vs U16 Wizards                         4
 4:00     U13 Earthquakes vs U13 Galaxy 2                   D
 4:30     U13 Galaxy 1 vs U13 Rapids                        A
 5:00     U11 Revolution vs U11 Crew                        5
          U11 Sounders 2 vs U11 Earthquakes                 6
          U11 Fire Orange - Bye Week (no game)              3   
 5:30     U13 Fire vs U13 Revolution                        D
          U16 Rapids vs U16 Galaxy                          4
          U16 Crew - Bye Week (no game)                     3

If you have further questions you can email us at register@seminoleyouthsoccer.com or call the league office at 407-324-5354.