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Announcement: No Games Scheduled for Saturday, October 9

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No Games

Saturday, October 9

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Saturday, November 20

Click on this link Covid 19 Rules, to access the rules for following the social distancing guidelines set forth to participate in the Fall 2021 season.

Fall 2021 Season

Uniform Update

The uniforms have shipped. We are scheduled to receive them by Thursday, 7:00 pm. We will get the uniforms sorted by the beginning of next week. We will be in contact with the coaches with directions for distributing them before our next games.

Week 2 – Review

What a fantastic day! It was hot, but the humidity was bearable. Once again the kids seemed to be having a great time. Thank you to all of the coaches and parents for helping us get through the first two weeks with no uniforms. As I stated above, they will be here for the next game. We did have a couple of small situations during some games, but cooler heads prevailed in the end. Please remember that the kids are watching. If things gets to that point, stop the game for a water break and come get someone to help.

Week 3 – Preview

Please don’t forget, no games on Saturday, October 9! Our next games are on Saturday, October 16. Please be sure to check the schedule below. Our hopes are to get the uniforms to your coaches before your practice the week of the 16th. If that does not work our, we will hand them out before your game. Please enjoy the weekend off, and we hope to see everyone in their new uniforms on the 16th.

Here are the important things to remember each week:

* Arrive on time, your game must start on time
*Be sure your child(ren) is/are hydrated before, during, and after the game
*There is plenty of parking in the back of the park
*Only positive cheering from the sidelines

Seminole Youth Soccer

Game Schedule

October 16, 2021

Time       Teams                                                          Field
 8:30     U5 United vs U5 Whitecaps                         3A
          U5 Sounders vs U5 Earthquakes                     3B
          U10 Whitecaps vs U10 Galaxy                       4
          U10 Revolution vs U10 Crew                        5
          U10 Earthquakes vs U10 Sounders                   6

 9:00     Tots United vs Tots Sounders                      1A
          Tots Crew vs Tots Rapids                          1B
          Tots Fire vs Tots Whitecaps                       2A

10:00     U5 Galaxy vs U5 Dynamo                            3A      
          U5 Revolution vs U5 Fire                          3B

10:30     Tots Revolution vs Tots Dynamo                    1A
          Tots Galaxy vs Tots Earthquakes                   1B
          U6 United vs U6 Whitecaps                         2
          U10 United vs U10 Fire                            4
          U10 Fire Orange vs U10 Impact                     5
          U10 Timbers vs U10 Rapids                         6

11:30     U8 Impact vs U8 Crew                              3
12:00     U7 Sounders vs U7 Dynamo                          1
          U6 Galaxy vs U6 Crew                              2

12:30     U12 Timbers United vs U12 Revolution              4
          U12 Dynamo vs U12 Rapids                          5
          U12 Impact vs U12 Earthquakes                     6

 1:00     U8 Revolution vs U8 Galaxy                        3

 1:30     U7 Timbers vs U7 Whitecaps                        1
          U6 Rapids vs U6 Fire                              2

 2:30     U8 Timbers vs U8 United                           3
          U12 Galaxy Blue vs U12 Fire                       5
          U12 Galaxy vs U12 Whitecaps                       6
          U16 Earthquakes vs U16 Revolution                 4

 3:00     U7 Galaxy vs U7 Crew                              1
          U6 Sounders vs U6 Dynamo                          2
          U14 Dynamo vs U14 Galaxy                          A        

 4:00     U8 Sounders vs U8 Dynamo                          3

 4:30     U7 Revolution vs U7 Fire                          1
          U14 Crew vs U14 Sounders                          B
          U16 Dynamo vs U16 Crew                            4

 5:00     U14 Wizards vs U14 Rapids                         A 

More Information?

If you have further questions you can email us at register@seminoleyouthsoccer.com or call the league office at 407-324-5354.