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Announcement: Opening games moved to Saturday, March 9!

Upcoming Dates

Second Practice/Scrimmage

March 2, 2024

No Games – Spring Break

March 16 & 23, 2024

Spring 2024

Opening Practice Review

What a great day! The week’s wait was well worth it. Thank you to everyone that came out and enjoyed such a beautiful day with us. The kids looked like they were ready to get back to playing. Just a quick reminder that the weather will continue to get warmer, so please make sure your child hydrates before, during, and after they play.

Second Practice/Scrimmage

Due to the delay in opening day, we have decided to push the opening games to Saturday, March 9. Because of the inexperience of many of our new players (especially the little ones), we have decided to use this week as another week to get the teams ready to play a game. We will follow the schedule that has been in place for March 2. You can use this time to get in a little practice and then a scrimmage with the team sharing the field with you. We will let the coaches decide how they will split up the time. Uniforms will be here, so scrimmages will be very good. Please check the schedule below for your scrimmage time. The game schedules will be adjusted this week. We plan on moving this game to the end of the season, so you will have one more game added to the schedule as well.


If you are interested in registering, you can call the office to check on the availability of any spots left. If we have an opening for your child, you can then go online and register. Please do not register before checking for openings, as there will be a service charge applied to the refund for the transaction fees. We will continue to accept registrations until all teams are full or the season begins (March 2). Remember that there is a $25 late fee for registrations for the remainder of this season, unless you volunteer to coach. There are no late fees for coaches.

Schedules and Uniforms

Uniforms will be handed out at the scrimmage this Saturday (March 2). Unless you registered late, your coach/team parent will have your uniform on Saturday.

Due to the push back of the opening of the season, we will be updating the schedules this week. Our last game for most teams will be May 11 for most teams.

Volunteers Needed

As we stated above, we are always looking for volunteers to help coach and referee in the league. We hope that you will consider volunteering to help with your son/daughter’s team. We are especially in need of referees for our older kids. You can come before your child’s game or stay after your child’s game and referee a game. You can also referee your child’s team. Just let your coach know!

Second Practice/Scrimmage – Spring 2024
Saturday, February 24

8:00U5 Earthquakes-3A, U5 Whitecaps-3B
U5 Crew-3C, U5 Sounders 2-3D
U9 Galaxy-4A, U9 Sounders-4B
8:30Tots Sounders-1A, Tots Galaxy-1B
Tots Sounders-1C, Tots Rapids-1D
U6 Rapids-2A, U6 Revolution-2B
9:30U5 Revolution-3A, U5 Sounders 1-3C
U9 Dynamo-4A, U9 Timbers-4B
10:00Tots Dynamo-1A, Tots Earthquakes-1B
Tots Whitecaps-1C, Tots Crew-1D
U6 Fire-2A, U6 Crew-2B
11:00U8 Rapids-3A, U8 Sounders-3B
U9 Fire-4A, U9 Crew-4B
11:30U7 Sounders(B)-1A, U7 Whitecaps-1B
U6 Dynamo-2A, U6 United-2B
12:30U8 Dynamo-3A, U8 Whitecaps-3B
U10 Dynamo-4A, U10 United-4B
1:00U7 Sounders(A)-1A, Dynamo-1B
U6 Galaxy-2A, U6 Sounders-2B
2:00U8 Galaxy-3A, U8 United-3B
U10 Galaxy-4A, U10 Crew-4B
U12 United-5A, U12 Crew-5B
U12 Earthquakes-6A, U12 Sounders-6B
U14 Earthquakes-A, U14 Galaxy-A
2:30U7 Fire-1A, U7 United-1B
U7 Earthquakes (no scrimmage)-2A
U8 Crew (no scrimmage)-2B
3:30U10 Revolution-3A, U10 Sounders-3B
U12 Fire-4A, U12 Revolution-4B
U12 Galaxy-5A, U12 Timbers-5B
U12 Fire Orange-6A, U12 Rapids-6B
U14 Fire-A, U14 Revolution-A
4:00U14 Dynamo-D, U14 Impact-D
5:00U10 Impact-3A, U10 Timbers-3B
U16 Crew-4A, U16 Dynamo-4B
5:30U16 Wizards-D

If you have further questions you can email us at register@seminoleyouthsoccer.com or call the league office at 407-324-5354.