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Upcoming Dates

Week 7 Games

November 19, 2022

Final Games

December 3, 2022

Fall 2022

Field Changes

The county has decided to close Field C at Sylvan Lake Park for the rest of this season. This is where our Fields 1 and 2 were located. Fields 1 and 2 will now be on Field D at Sylvan Lake Park. Field D is the large field next to the playground that has been closed this season. Sorry for the late notice.

Week 6 Review

Although parking was tough at times and the area around the fields was very muddy, we would like to say thank you to everyone that came out and enjoyed an otherwise beautiful day with us. Late game starts were a bit of a problem this week. Please remember we moved up the starting times for most games to deal with the early sunset. Every game was played without incident, which is always a great day. We did have an issue that was not game related, but it did occur in front of kids. Please remember why we are out there, for the kids!!

Week 7, November 19

The weather looks pretty good in the future forecast for Saturday. A small chance of rain is predicted. Please be sure to check your game time below. Remember, your game must start and finish on time. If the game before yours is running over, come get one of us to stop the game. Please have your team warm up in the open areas around the field. They can definitely get their running and stretching done before they have a quick warm up on the field. We should have medals there on Saturday. You can pick them up then, or you can get them before the last games on December 3. Have a great week, and we hope to see you all on Saturday.

Here are some things to remember each week:

    *Please arrive early, as your game must start on time.
    *Hydrate! Drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after
              your game.
    *Bring bug spray for the early games, as they can be 
              a problem at that time.
    *Bring sunscreen for the later games.
    *Do not sit on chairs or pop-up tents and umbrellas inside
             the white lined fields (full field).
    *Be positive on your cheering, please refrain from yelling 
             at the coaches/referees (you will be asked to leave)

Games Schedule

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Time     Teams                                             Field
 8:00     U5 Dynamo vs U5 Whitecaps                            3A
          U5 Crew vs U5 United                                 3B
          U9 Crew vs U9 Dynamo                                 4
          U11 United vs U11 Earthquakes                        5
          U11 Impact vs U11 Revolution                         6
 9:00     Tots Rapids vs Tots Fire                             1A
          Tots Whitecaps vs Tots Crew                          1B
          U6 Whitecaps vs U6 Earthquakes                       2
 9:30     U5 Sounders vs U5 Revolution                         3A
          U5 Rapids vs U5 Galaxy                               3B
          U9 Sounders vs U9 Galaxy                              4 
          U11 Fire Orange vs U11 Timbers                       5
          U11 Sounders 1 vs U11 Sounders 2                     6
10:30     Tots Earthquakes vs Tots Dynamo                     1A
          Tots Sounders vs Tots Revolution                     1B
          U6 Sounders vs U6 Revolution                         2
11:00     U8 Galaxy vs U8 Timbers                              3 
          U9 Timbers vs U9 United                              4
          U11 Fire vs U11 Rapids                               5
          U11 Galaxy vs U11 Crew                               6
12:00     U7 Sounders vs U7 Rapids                              1
          U6 Dynamo vs U6 Fire                                 2
12:30     U8 Fire vs U8 Dynamo                                  3
          U9 Revolution vs U9 Impact                           4
          U13 Impact vs U13 Dynamo                             A
 1:30     U7 Crew vs U7 Dynamo                                  1 
          U6 United vs U6 Galaxy                               2
 2:00     U8 Sounders vs U8 Crew                               3 
          U16 Rapids vs U16 Wizards                            4
          U13 Rapids vs U13 Galaxy                             A
 3:00     U7 Whitecaps vs U7 United                            1
          U7 Fire vs U7 Galaxy                                 2
 3:30     U13 Whitecaps vs U13 Earthquakes                     A
          U16 Crew vs U16 Galaxy                               4
          U16 Dynamo - Bye Week (No Game)
 4:30     U13 Revolution vs U13 Fire                           C

Click on this link Covid 19 Rules, to access the rules for following the social distancing guidelines set forth to participate in the Fall 2022 season.

If you have further questions you can email us at register@seminoleyouthsoccer.com or call the league office at 407-324-5354.