Spring 2015

Practice Cancelled for Saturday, February 28

Seminole county closed the fields at 3:15 p.m. today. There will be no more activities allowed on the fields for the rest of today.

Opening Day

Thank you to everyone that came out and help make opening day a great success. We would like to especially thank the coaches and team parents that helped us pull everything together. Remember, you have the fields scheduled for practice at the same time this Saturday. Opening games are still planned for March 7. The schedule for Saturday is posted below.


Registration has now ended for the season. We still have the waiting list, and will contact you anything opens up.

Game Schedules Posted and Uniforms Shipping On-Time

Game schedules are posted! As you will see, we do not have games scheduled for either Saturday of the Seminole County School's spring break. Our uniform rep said that the main order of uniforms will arrive on time. We will play the opening games on March 7, then pick up again on March 28. We do have games Easter weekend. If your computer loads last year's schedule, you need to refresh your browser. If this does not work, you should delete your cookies.

Uniforms for new players and returning players that ordered them, and registered on-time are scheduled to be here for the opening games on March 7. We also ordered unforms for the late registrations, and we hope to have them in time as well.

Practice Schedule

Saturday, February 28

	8:30	U5 Crew  4A;   U5 Dynamo-4B; U5 Galaxy-4C;   U5 Rapids-4D;  
		U8 Crew-3A; U8 Dynamo-3B
	9:00	Tots Earthquakes-1A; Tots FIre-1B; Tots Impact-1C; Tots Whitecaps-1D 
		Tots Timbers-2A; Tots Union-2B

       10:00	U5 SoundersA-4A; U5 Revolution-4B; U5 SoundersB-4C; U5-Timbers-4D
   		U8 Earthquakes-3A; U8 Fire-3B

       10:30	Tots Crew-1A; Tots Dynamo-1B; Tots Galaxy-1C; Tots Rapids-1D
 		Tots Revolution-2A; Tots Sounders-2B; Tots United-2C; Tots Wizards-2D

       11:30	U5 United-4A; U5 Wizards-4C; U8 Rapds-3A; U8 Galaxy-3B

       12:00	U6 Crew-1A; U6 Dynamo-1B; U6 Galaxy-2A; U6 Rapids-2B

   	1:00	U8 Revolution-3A;  U8 Sounders-3B; U8 Timbers-4A; U8 Union-4B

    	1:30	U6 Revolution-1A; U6 Sounders-1B; U6 United-2A; U6-Wizards-2B

    	2:00	U10 Dynamo-5A; U10 Earthquakes-5B; U10 Fire-6A; U10 Galaxy-6B

    	2:30	U8 United-3A; U8-Wizards-3B; U10 Rapids-4A; U10 Revolution-4B

    	3:00	U12 Crew-7A; U12 Galaxy-7B; U12 Red Bulls-8A; U12 Revolution-8B
		U14 Dynamo-D; U14 Rapids-D

    	3:30	U10 Union-5A; U10 United-5B; U10 Wizards-6A; U10 Sounders-6B

  	4:00	U14 Real Salt Lake-C; U14 Revolution-C

  	4:30	U12 Timbers-7A; U12 United-7B; U12 Wizards-8A
		U14 Union-D; U14 Wizards-D

   	5:00	HS Galaxy-B; HS Red Bulls-B

   	5:30	HS Real Salt Lake-C; HS Dynamo-C

   	6:00	HS Wizards-D; HS Union-D

Need More Information?

If you have further questions you can email me at danny@seminoleyouthsoccer.com or call the league office at 407-324-5354.