Fall 2014

In Loving Memory of Jordan Smelski

As some of you know, a long time player in our league passed away this summer. His name was Jordan Smelski. Seminole Youth Soccer would like to dedicate this season in honor of Jordan and his the wonderful memories he gave to all that knew him. He will always be in our hearts, and we will forever miss him. You can visit a tribute to Jordan on facebook at jordansmiles. May God bless and comfort the Smelski family and all the friends and family he leaves behind.

Week 4 Review

Wow! What a fantastic day for soccer! Let's hope the weather stays this way for the rest of the season. We got to get around and watch many of the games on Saturday. The kids were playing hard and the fans were being very supportive. Thank you to everyone for helping make this a positive experience for the kids. Don't forget to thank your coaches and team parents for all their time spent with the kids as well. I spoke with Jacque from Action Shots 4 Kids, and he told me that a lot of the pictures should be ready for viewing next week. We will have more information posted as soon as we have it.

Week 5 Preview

We will be back to our normal field usage for the games this week. The U10 and U12 age groups will be back on Field F and the U7&8 age group will be back on Field E, which are the fields by the horse farm. We will have to move games around over the last few weeks of the season. The county has asked us to move our games over to fields A or B whenever lacrosse is not playing on them. To keep a good relationship with the county, we of course have agreed to make the accommodations. Thank you for all of your understanding in this matter. Also, please be sure to check your schedule on-line and the schedule below every week as we have made some changes to game schedules over the season. Also, there is always a chance that we could make more changes before the season ends. Just remember that the schedule on the main page of the website is the most accurate schedule. Have a great week, and we will see you on Saturday.

The 3rd Annual Elks Soccer Shoot will be held at Sylvan Lake Park this week. This is a skills contest for kids under 14 years old that is sponsored by the Sanford Elks Lodge. They will be set up between fields C and D. For more information click here ELKS SOCCER SHOOT.

Here are a few reminders about the games:
	* Parking is not allowed along the roads outside the park, you will get ticketed.
	* Make sure your child drinks plenty of water before, during, and after the game.

	* No spectators are allowed behind the goals.

	* No negative comments towards the coaches/referees or players is allowed. (You will be asked to leave.)

	* On fields 5, 6, 7 & 8, no spectators are allowed between the fields.

Upcoming Field and Schedule Changes

November 1 - The U7&8 games will be on Field A (the same fields as October 18th games)

November 8 - The men's and women's Canadian National teams will be training on Fields E and F, so there will be no games for U7&8 age group. All games have been pushed back, so U7&8 games will be played on November 22. U10 and U12 games will be played on Field A.

November 15 - All games will be played on Fields A, B, C, and D.

November 22 - The U7&8, U14, and High School age groups will play their last games of the season. The U12 age group will make up the games that were rained out in September.

Volunteer Referees

We are an approved community service organization of the Seminole County Public Schools for volunteer hours, so students needing Bright Futures volunteer hours can get them through us. We are in need of volunteer referees. Please email us at danny@seminoleyouthsoccer.com if you are interested.

                                                     WEEK 5 GAMES SCHEDULE
                                                     Saturday, October 25

Game   									Game   
Time	Teams					Field			Time	Teams					Field

 8:30	U5 Revolution vs  U5 Wizards		  4A		|	11:00	U10 United  vs  U10 Galaxy		  7
	U5 Sounders  vs  U5 United		  4B		|		U10 Crew  vs  U10 Wizards		  8
        U7&8 Galaxy  vs  U7&8 Crew		  5		|	12:00	U6 Crew  vs  U6 Rapids			  3
	U7&8 Dynamo  vs  U7&8 Earthquakes	  6		|		U6 Dynamo  vs  U6 Galaxy		  4
 9:00	Tots Fire  vs  Tots United		  1A 		|		U14 Dynamo  vs  U14 Revolution		  C
        Tots Crew  vs  Tots Wizards		  1B		|
	Tots Earthquakes  vs  Tots Rapids	  2A		|	12:30	U7&8 Union  vs  U7&8 Timbers		  5
								|		U7&8 Sounders  vs  U7&8 Wizards		  6
        U6 Revolution  vs  U6 Wizards		  3		|
								|	 1:00	U10 Rapids  vs  U10 Earthquakes		  7
	U10 Revoluion  vs  U10 Fire		  7		|		
	U10 Union vs  U10 Dynamo		  8		|		U12 Red Bulls  vs  U12 Crew		  8
10:00	U5 Crew  vs  U5 Rapids			  4A		|	 2:00	U14 Rapids  vs  U14 Union		  C
	U5 Dynamo  vs  U5 Galaxy		  4B		|		U14 United  vs  U14 Real Salt Lake	  D
10:30	Tots Galaxy  vs  Tots Dynamo		  1A		|	 3:00	U12 United  vs  U12 Revolution		  7
 	Tots Union  vs  Tots Revolution		  1B		|		U12 Wizards  vs  U12 Timbers		  8
	Tots Sounders  vs  Tots Timbers		  2A		|
								|	 4:00	HS Red Bulls  vs  HS Real Salt Lake	  C
	U6 Sounders  vs  U6 United		  3 		|		HS Fire  vs  HS Strikers		  D
	U7&8 Rapids  vs  U7&8 United		  5		|
	U7&8 Fire  vs  U7&8 Revolution		  6		|

Need More Information?

If you have further questions you can email us at danny@seminoleyouthsoccer.com or call the league office at 407-324-5354.