Fall 2015

We will begin registration for the fall 2015 season this weekend at the fields. We will have registration forms available, or you can print one and bring it with you. You can also drop your registration off at the office or send it to the P.O. Box that is on the form.

Spring 2015

Week 5 Review

Another hot day at the fields on Saturday, but the day was very cool! Thank you to everyone that helped make it a fantastic day for the kids. There was lots of great soccer to be cheered for. We have three weeks of games left to play, so don't forget to start planning your end of the season celebration. We will have trophies and medals for all the kids on the last Saturday of games. Don't forget your coaches and all the time they have given to the kids this season. If you would like to reserve one of the pavillions at the park, stop by the main office in the park to make your reservations. There are also many picnic areas in the park that are first come, first serve.

Week 6 Preview

Be sure to check the schedule below. There will be games played on both Thursday evening this week for some high school and U12 teams. Also, the game field assignments for Saturday are different from the previous weeks. We had to make one schedule change at the U10 age group, so be sure to check your game time below.

Here are some other things to remember each week:
	* Arrive early, parking can be an issue.
	* There is plenty of parking in the back of the park. You may want to 
          drop off your things at the field, then go park in the back.
	* Do not park along the road outside the park, you will get ticketed.
	* Lock your car and take all your valuables with you.
	* Be sure to apply sunscreen to your child before he/she plays.
	* Be sure to hydrate your child before, during, and after the games.
	* Keep all your cheering positive, do not yell at your child or other children.
	* The coaches/referees are volunteers, do not yell at them.
	* If you get out of control, you will be asked to leave and not return.

Game Schedule Changes

We have made changes to the U10 and High School game schedule for this week. Please be sure to check the schedule below for the accurate game times.
							 Games Schedule
                                                       Thursday, April 23
	Time	Teams					Field
	5:30	HS Galaxy  vs HS Red Bulls		  A
		U12 Red Bulls  vs  U12 Wizards		  5
		U12 Galaxy  vs  U12 United		  6

                          			         Games Schedule
                           			       Saturday, April 25

	Time	Teams			  		Field		Time	Teams			  		Field

	8:30	U5 Revolution  vs  U5 Galaxy		  4A	|     12:30	U10 Rapids  vs  U10 Dynamo		  6
		U5 Wizards  vs  U5 Dynamo		  4B	|			  
								|		U12 Red Bulls  vs  U12 Wizards		  5
		U8 Sounders  vs  U8 Union		  3	|      				 
 		      						|      1:00	U8 United  vs  U8 Timbers		  3		
		U10 Union  vs  U10 Earthquakes		  5	|               U8 Rapids  vs  U8 Revolution		  4	
		U10 United  vs  U10 Fire		  6	|      	
								|      1:30	U6 Galaxy  vs  U6 Rapids		  1        
	9:00	Tots Whitecaps  vs  Tots Earthquakes	  1A	|      		U6 Dynamo  vs  U6 Crew			  2
		Tots Impact  vs  Tots Fire		  1B 	|      	
		Tots Union  vs  Tots Timbers		  2A	|      2:30	U8 Dynamo  vs  U8 Fire	 		  3
       10:00	U5 Crew  vs  U5 Rapids			  4A	|		U12 Crew  vs  U12 Timbers		  5
       		U5 Timbers  vs  U5 Sounders B		  4B	|		U12 Galaxy  vs  U12 Revolution		  6	
								|		U12 United - Bye (No Game)
		U8 Wizards  vs  U8 Crew		  3	|      		
								|      3:00	U14 Union  vs  U14 Rapids		  A
       10:30	Tots Galaxy  vs  Tots Rapids		  1A	|		U14 Wizards  vs  U14 Dynamo		  D
		Tots Dynamo  vs  Tots Crew		  1B	|		
   		Tots Revolution  vs  Tots Sounders	  2A	|      4:00	U14 Real Salt Lake  vs  U14 Revolution	  C
		Tots United  vs  Tots Wizards		  2B	|		
       								|      4:30	HS Galaxy  vs  HS Real Salt Lake	  B
		U10 Wizards  vs  U10 Galaxy		  5	|
		U10 Sounders  vs  U10 Revolution	  6	|      5:00	HS Red Bulls  vs  HS Panthers		  A
       11:30	U5 United  vs  U5 Sounders A		  4A	|		
		U8 Galaxy  vs  U8 Earthquakes		  3	|
       12:00	U6 Revolution  vs  U6 Sounders		  1	|
		U6 United  vs  U6 Wizards		  2	|		

Need More Information?

If you have further questions you can email me at danny@seminoleyouthsoccer.com or call the league office at 407-324-5354.