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Spring 2019 Season

Opening Practice

Opening practice is here! We hope everyone is able to come out and enjoy the first day with us. It will give everyone a chance to meet and make plans for the season. There will also be time for a little practice for the kids. If you miss the practice this Saturday, we will have the fields available for use on March 2 as well. We will have the second week’s schedule up this Sunday. Most teams will practice at the same time and on the same field.


Registration for the spring 2019 season is still in full swing. We still have openings at every age group. Late registration will continue until opening practices on February 23, or until all the teams are filled in that age group.

Important dates:

On-Time Registration ends ...............January 19, 2019
Opening practice information sent by ....February 16, 2019
Opening Practice ........................February 23, 2019
Opening Games ...........................March 9, 2019
Spring Break (No Games unless needed)....March 16 and March 23
Closing Games ...........................May 11, 2019

Volunteer Coaches and Referees

Please remember that we are always looking for volunteer coaches and referees. We are on the SCPS list for community service points. We are currently looking for coaches in our U7 and U8 age groups.

Opening Practice Schedule – February 23, 2019

 8:00	U5 Dynamo-3A; U5 Earthquakes-3B; U5-Fire-3C; 
        U5 Impact-3D: U12 Dynamo-4A; U12 Earthquakes-4B

 8:30	Tots Crew-1A; Tots Earthquakes-1B; Tots Dynamo-1C
        Tots Revolution-1D; Tots Fire-2A; Tots Timbers-2B 
        Tots United – 2C, Tots Whitecaps – 2D

 9:30	U5 Rapids-3A; U5 Sounders-3B; U5 Timbers-3C 
        U5-United-3D; U12 Galaxy-4A; U12 Revolution 1-4B

10:00	U6 Crew-1A; U6 Dynamo-1B, U6 Fire – 2A, 
        U6 Impact – 2B

11:00	U5 Galaxy – 3A
	U12 Revolution 2-4A; U12 Sounders-4B

11:30	U6 Rapids-1A; U6 Sounders-1B
        U6 Timber-2A; U6 Union-2B

12:30	U8 Galaxy-3A; U8 Rapids-3B
	U12 United-4A; U12 Whitecaps-4B

 1:00	U7 Crew-1A; U7 Earthquakes-1B 
        U7 Galaxy-2A; U7 Rapids-2B

 2:00	U8 Revolution-3A; U8 Sounders-3B
        U12 Wizards - 4A; HS Galaxy – 4B
	U10 Dynamo - 7A; U10 Crew - 7B 
 	U10 Impact - 8A; U10 Galaxy - 8B

  2:30	U7 Revolution-1A; U7 Whitecaps-1B 
        U7 Dynamo – 2A; U7 Fire – 2B

  3:30	U8 Whitecaps – 3A; U8 Red Bulls – 3B
  	U10 Rapids 1 – 4A; U10 Sounders 1 – 4B
  	U10 Rapids 2 - 7A; U10 Sounders 2 - 7B
 	U10 Whitecaps – 8A; U10 Wizards – 8B

  4:00	U14 Galaxy – B; U14 Earthquakes – B 
    	U14 Crew 2 – D; U14 Rapids 2 - D

  5:00	U8 Crew – 3A; U8 Dynamo – 3B
 	U10 Earthquakes – 4A; U10 Timbers United – 4B
 	U14 Dynamo - A; U14 Whitecaps - A

5:30 	HS Timbers - B; HS Rapids 1 – B
 	HS Chivas – D; HS Fire - D

6:30	HS Rapids 2 - C; HS Whitecaps - C

More Information?

If you have further questions you can email us at register@seminoleyouthsoccer.com or call the league office at 407-324-5354.