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Spring 2019 Season

Week 1 Review

Thank you to everyone that came out and helped make a great day for the kids. The weather was perfect and the kids looked great. We also appreciate everyone keeping their tents, chairs, and umbrellas in the designated areas. Remember, each team is allowed one tent for shade during the games, and use of weighted anchors is preferred.

Please note that two very nice balls came up missing at the end of our last high school game. If you mistakenly picked up two balls that were not yours, please bring them to the tent at the next games. Coaches, please be sure to mark all of your equipment.

Spring Break

Due to spring break for Seminole County Public Schools, we will not have games on Saturday, March 16 and Saturday, March 23. Our next games are scheduled for Saturday, March 30.

Week 2 Preview

Our next games are set for Saturday, March 30. As you may have noticed on Saturday, Field B at the park was left unused again. A boys lacrosse league had the fields reserved and then never used them. The same group has Field B reserved on March 30, but we are checking with the park to make sure they will be using it. If they are, there will be no change to the schedule. If we can get the field all day, we will be adjusting the schedule. We should know by the end of this week.

Here are a few reminders each week:
     * Arrive early, as parking can be an issue.
     * There is a lot of parking in the back of the park.
     * Apply bug screen in the mornings.
     * Apply sun screen all day.
     * Do not yell at the referee/coaches.
     * Use only positive encouragement to the players.
     * Do not sit/stand directly behind or beside the goals.
     * Do not place any chairs/umbrellas/tents in designated areas.

Important dates:

On-Time Registration ends ...............January 19, 2019
Opening practice information sent by ....February 16, 2019
Opening Practice ........................February 23, 2019
Opening Games ...........................March 9, 2019
Spring Break (No Games unless needed)....March 16 and March 23
Closing Games ...........................May 11, 2019

Bye-Week Schedules

We are currently working on completing the schedules for teams that miss a game due to a bye week in the schedule. We hope to have them all sorted out by the end of spring break.


We are still in need for volunteer referees. If you know of anyone looking for community service hours and know soccer, please put them in contact with us.

Week 2 Schedule – March 30, 2019

Time    Teams                              Field
 8:00	U5 Galaxy vs U5 Rapids               3A 
        U5 Dynamo vs U5 Timbers              3B
        U12 Earthquakes vs U12 Revolution 2  4

 8:30	Tots Timbers vs Tots Earthquakes     1A
        Tots United vs Tots Whitecaps        1B
        Tots Revolution vs Tots Crew         2A
        Tots Fire vs Tots Dynamo             2B

 9:30	U5 United vs U5 Sounders             3A 
        U5 Earthquakes vs U5 Fire            3B
        U5 Impact - Bye Week (No Game)
        U12 Wizards vs U12 United            4
10:00	U6 Fire vs U6 Impact                 1 
        U6 Crew vs U6 Timbers                2

11:00	U8 Revolution vs U8 Sounders         3
        U12 Dynamo vs U12 Whitecaps          4

11:30	U6 Union vs U6 Sounders              1
        U6 Dynamo vs U6 Rapids               2

12:30	U8 Crew vs U8 Dynamo                 3
        U12 Galaxy vs U12 Revolution 1       4
        U12 Sounders - Bye Week (No Game)
 1:00	U7 Fire vs U7 Rapids                 1 
        U7 Crew - Bye Week (No Game)         2

 2:00	U8 Rapids vs U8 Whitecaps            3
	U10 Rapids 2 vs U10 Crew             4
        U10 Sounders 2 vs U10 Timbers United 7
        U10 Wizards vs U10 Impact            8

  2:30	U7 Dynamo vs U7 Revolution           1 
        U7 Earthquakes vs U7 Galaxy          2

  3:30	U8 Galaxy vs U8 Red Bulls            3
        U10 Whitecaps vs U10 Galaxy          4
        U10 Dynamo vs U10 Earthquakes        7
        U10 Sounders 1 vs U10 Rapids 1       8

  4:00	U14 Crew vs U14 Rapids               B
        U14 Whitecaps vs U14 Galaxy          D

  5:00	U14 Earthquakes vs U14 Dynamo        A
        HS Galaxy vs HS Rapids 1             C
  5:30  HS Chivas vs HS Whitecaps            D

  6:30  Fire vs HS Rapids 1                  C
        HS Timbers - Bye Week (No Game) 

More Information?

If you have further questions you can email us at register@seminoleyouthsoccer.com or call the league office at 407-324-5354.