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Welcome to Seminole Youth Soccer!

Fall 2018 Season

Week 3 Review

Saturday was definitely what you would call a Chamber of Commerce day. I would love to bottle that weather up and bring it out every week. This is three weeks in a row with no major disputes. Thank you to everyone for helping make it very enjoyable for the kids. There are some however that need to be reminded that the coaches and most of the referees are volunteers. Everyone makes mistakes (even professional referees). Each team is allowed to have a referee on the field, and they are allowed to coach their players while on the field. We are a recreational league designed for all levels of players. We do want the kids to learn the game, but we also want them to have fun while learning. If there are issues during the game, please come get one of us to come over and observe. We will step in if needed.

Week 4 Preview

Be sure to check the schedule below for your game time and location. The boys lacrosse team will not be using field B for the remainder of this season, so we have moved the High School age group’s games to 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. for the next three weeks. The schedule has been changed, so you can go look at the new schedule. Please be aware of your game time. You must be finished with your game by the time the next game is scheduled to start. There are areas around the field that you can warm up, so you can be ready to start when it is your time. Have a great week, and we hope to see you all on Saturday.

Be sure to remember these important things each week:

     * Be sure your child drinks lots of fluids before, during, and after their game.
     * Parking is a problem up front, but there is lots of parking in the back of the park.
     * Be sure to apply bug spray and sunscreen on your child as needed.
     * Do not yell at the coaches/referees during the games.
     * Display sportsmanship at all times.
     * Clean up your team's area after your game.

A Few More Things

A few other reminders: we are always looking for referees, we are recognized by many organizations for community service points, and we would be willing to pay anyone looking to earn extra income.

Games Schedule – October 20, 2018

Time                Teams                           Field             

 8:00	U5 Timbers vs U5 Rapids                      3A         
        U5 United vs U5 Impact                       3B        
        U12 Revolution 2 vs U12 Galaxy               4          
 8:30	Tots United vs Tots Sounders                 1A           
        Tots Whitecaps vs Tots Revolution            1B          
        Tots Earthquakes vs Tots Galaxy              2A           
        Tots Timber vs Tots Crew                     2B         

 9:00   HS Timbers vs HS Galaxy                      B
 9:30	U5 Earthquakes vs U5 Fire                    3A           
        U5 Sounders vs U5 Dynamo                     3B          
   	U12 Sounders vs U12 Earthquakes              4          
10:00	U6 Timbers vs U6 Revolution                  1            
        U6 Union vs U6 Impact                        2          
11:00	U8 Whitecaps vs U8 Revolution                3          
	U12 Whitecaps vs U12 Wizards                 4
        HS Red Bulls vs HS Rapids                    B          
11:30	U6 Dynamo vs U6 Fire                         1            
        U6 Sounders vs U6 Crew                       2          
12:30	U8 Sounders vs U8 Crew                       3
	U12 Revolution 1 vs U12 Dynamo               4
        U12 United - Bye (No Game)              

 1:00	U7 Rapids vs U7 Crew                         1
        U7 Revolution vs U7 Galaxy                   2

 2:00	U8 Dynamo vs U8 Galaxy                       3
        U10 Rapids 2 vs U10 Dynamo                   4
  	U10 Sounders 1 vs U10 Wizards                5
 	U10 Sounders 2 vs U10 Whitecaps              6

 2:30	U7 Whitecaps vs U7 Earthquakes               1 

 3:00	U14 Rapids 2 vs U14 Crew                     A

 3:30	U8 Red Bulls vs U8 Rapids                    3
  	U10 Crew vs U10 Galaxy                       4
        U10 Rapids 1 vs U10 Fire                     5
        U10 Timbers United vs U10 Impact             6

  4:00	U14 Revolution vs U14 Rapids 1               D

  5:00	U14 Whitecaps vs U14 Galaxy                  A
	U14 Dynamo vs U14 Earthquakes                B

More Information?

If you have further questions you can email us at register@seminoleyouthsoccer.com or call the league office at 407-324-5354.