Welcome to Seminole Youth Soccer!


Fall 2016 Registration

On-time registration is now over; however, we will continue registering players until all teams are full or until the opening games. We still have openings at all age groups. We will now begin the process of assigning players to teams. Players that registered on-time are guaranteed to return to the team they were on in the spring, unless you requested otherwise. We will make every effort to grant all special requests.

On-line registration using PayPal is available. You can click here to go to the registration information page and the on-line form, or click on the link above to go directly to the on-line registration form. There is also a printable version of the spring 2016 registration form available if you would prefer to pay by check through the mail, credit card over the phone, or pay in person at the office. There are directions for the different ways you can register using the printable form on our registration page. There is a $25 late registration fee, and we cannot guarantee any late requests.

All registered players will receive a brightly colored Opening Practice flyer in the mail the week before the opening practice on September 10. The flyers will be mailed by labor day weekend, so they should arrive no later than the Wednesday before the opening practice.

The new uniforms will be handed out before the first games (9/17 or 9/24). Each team will decide on a practice day, time, and location at your opening practice.

Fall Season Dates and Other Information

The opening practice for the fall season is set for Saturday, September 10. We will be mailing out the opening practice information Labor day weekend, so you should be receiving the flyer the week before the 10th. The flyer will be a brightly colored paper addressed to your child. The flyer will have the name of your team on the label and the time of your practice on the inside. It will also include the other information needed for the opening practice.

Your child will need to wear his/her soccer attire for practice. The new uniforms will not be here until the opening games, so your child can wear any play attire. Soccer shoes are optional for the younger kids, but they are recommended. All players must wear shin guards under their socks or in shin guard sleeves.

Opening games will be scheduled for either September 17 or September 24. The schedules will be posted online as soon as we have built all of the teams. There will be no games played on Saturday, October 8 due to unavailability of the fields. The last games will be no later than November 19.

The new uniforms will be here by the first games. They will be distributed through the coaches or team parents.

If you have further questions you can email me at register@seminoleyouthsoccer.com or call the league office at 407-324-5354.