Welcome to Seminole Youth Soccer!

Spring 2018 Season

Opening Practice – February 24, 2018

Opening practice flyers are in the mail. You should receive your opening practice information in the US mail this week. It is a bright orange flyer that is addressed to the player. The label also has the name of your child’s team on it. If you have multiple children, each child will receive a flyer. The opening practice schedule is also posted below. If you have not received your flyer by Wednesday, February 21, please contact the office at 407-324-5354 or register@seminoleyouthsoccer.com. Your team will have the same time available to practice on March 3rd as well. The opening games will be played on Saturday, March 10.

Coaches’ Meetings

We will have two meetings this week for all volunteer coaches. We will meet at Sylvan Lake Park by field C on both Tuesday (2/20) and Thursday (2/22) evenings. We will discuss opening day procedures as well as answer any questions about the upcoming season. We will begin the meeting at 7:00 pm on both nights.


On-time registration for the spring 2018 season has now ended. We will continue registration now until the season starts or all teams are full. We have filled up at the U8 and U10 age groups, so we have no more openings for those age groups. We still have openings at all other age groups.

We are now in the process of building the teams. We will make as many teams as possible for each age group. Players returning from the fall season will have the first choice to return to their team. After on-time returning players have been placed on the teams, we will fill the teams with new players based on requests and availability. We will fill each team in the order that we receive the requests. New players that did not request a certain team/coach will be placed on a team as close to their home as possible.

Uniforms for new players and players that ordered them will be handed out before the first games. The schedule for the fall season will be posted after the opening practices on February 24th. as well.

Important Dates for the Spring 2018 Season:
      On-time Registration Deadline - January 19, 2018
      Opening Practice - February 24, 2018
      Opening Games - March  10, 2018
      Last Games - May 12, 2018

                                 Opening Practice Schedule
                                        Spring 2018
 8:00	  U5 Crew-3A; U5 Dynamo-3B; U5-Impact-3C; U5 Fire-3D
          U12 Whitecaps-4A; U12 Dynamo-4B
 8:30	Tots Dynamo-1A; Tots Earthquakes-1B; Tots Rapids-1C, Tots Revolution-1D
          Tots Timbers-2A; Tots United-2B
 9:30     U5 Revolution-3A; U5 Sounders-3B; U5 Timbers-3C; U5-Union-3D
   	  U12 Crew 1-4A; U12 Earthquakes 2-4B
10:00	  Tots Crew-1A; Tots Fire – 1B; Tots Sounders-1C; Tots Whitecaps-1D
      	  U6 Crew-1A; U6 Dynamo-1B
11:00	  U8 Crew-3A; U8 Dynamo-3B
	  U12 Galaxy-4A; U12 Rapids-4B
11:30	  U6 Rapids-1A; U6 Revolution-1B; U6 Sounders-2A; U6 Whitecaps-2B
12:30	  U8 Galaxy-3A; U8 Rapids-3B
	  U12 Revolution-4A; U12 Sounders-4B
 1:00	  U6 Earthquakes-1A; U6 Galaxy-1B; U7 Rapids-2A; U7 Revolution-2B
 2:00	  U8 Sounders-3A; U8 Timbers United-3B
          U12 United-4A; U12 Wizards-4B
	  U10 Crew-7A; U10 Dynamo-7B; 
 	  U10 Rapids-8A; U10 Revolution-8B
 2:30	  U7 Sounders-1A; U7 Wizards-1B; U7 Dynamo-2A; U7 Whitecaps-2B 
 3:30	  U12 Earthquakes-4A; U12 Crew 2-4B
 	  U14 Dynamo-C
  	  U10 Wizards-7A; U10 Galaxy-7B
 	  U10 Sounders-8A; U10 Whitecaps-8B
 4:00	  U7 Crew-1A; U7 Galaxy-1B
 	  U14 Galaxy-D
 4:30	  U14 Rapids-B; U14 Red Bulls-B
 5:00	  U14 Revolution-A; U14 Timbers-A
	  U14 Whitecaps-B; U14 Wizards – B
 5:30 	  HS Galaxy-D; HS Red Bulls-D
 6:30	  HS Rapids-C; HS Real Salt Lake-C

More Information?

If you have further questions you can email us at register@seminoleyouthsoccer.com or call the league office at 407-324-5354.