Welcome to Seminole Youth Soccer!

Spring 2018 Season

Week 5 Review

What a beautiful day for soccer. Thank you to everyone that came out and enjoyed such a great day with us. Most games started and stopped on time, and the majority of the fans were very positive in their support of the kids. Let’s pray for the same weather and positive attitude for the remaining three weeks.

Week 6 Preview

Pictures are over, so parking should be very nice these last three games. Remember the season is coming to an end on May 12th, so don’t forget to plan your end of season party soon. We will be providing medals for all age groups this season. They will be handed out to the coaches/team parents in Saturday, May 12. Have a great week, and we hope to see you all on Saturday.

Here are some things to remember every Saturday:

    1. Be sure that your child is hydrated before he/she comes out to play.
    2. Arrive early, as all games must start on time.
    3. Apply bug spray in the morning, and sunscreen all day.
    4. There are lots of parking spaces in the back of the park.
    5. Do not park in the road outside the park (you will get ticketed).
    6. Please shout only encouraging comments towards the teams.
    7. Do not yell at or make comments towards the coaches/referees.
    8. Please be nice!!!

                     Game Schedule
                     April 28, 2018
Time      Teams                                    Field      
 8:00     U5 Impact vs U5 Dynamo                     3A
          U5 Timbers vs U5 Crew                      3B
          U12 Galaxy vs U12 Revolution                4
          U12 Dynamo vs U12 Whitecaps                 5
          U12 Rapids vs U12 Sounders                  6
 8:30	  Tots Earthquakes vs Tots Timbers           1A
          Tots Fire vs Tots United                   1B
          Tots Whitecaps vs Tots Revolution          2A
 9:30     U5 Fire vs U5 Revolution                   3A
          U5 Sounders vs U5 Union                    3B
10:00	  Tots Sounder vs Tots Crew                  1A
          Tots Dynamo vs Tots Rapids                 1B
      	  U6 Whitecaps vs U6 Sounders                 2
          U12 Crew 1 vs U12 Earthquakes 2             4
          U12 Wizards vs U12 Earthquakes 1            5
          U12 Crew 2 vs U12 United                    6
11:00	  U8 Timbers United vs U8 Rapids              3
11:30	  U6 Crew vs U6 Galaxy                        1
          U6 Rapids vs U6 Dynamo                      2
12:00     U10 Revolution vs U10 Dynamo                5
          U10 Wizards vs U10 Galaxy                   6
12:30	  U8 Galaxy vs U8 Crew                        3
 1:00	  U6 Revolution vs U6 Earthquakes             1
          U7 Galaxy vs U7 Revolution                  2
 2:00	  U8 Sounders vs U8 Dynamo                    3
	  U10 Sounders vs U10 Crew                    5 
 	  U10 Whitecaps vs 10 Rapids                  6
          U14 Rapids vs U14 Red Bulls                 A
 2:30	  U7 Crew vs U7 Whitecaps                     1
          U7 Rapids vs U7 Dynamo                      2
 3:30.    U14 Timbers vs U14 Revolution               C
 4:00	  U7 Wizards vs U7 Sounders                   1
          U14 Dynamo vs U14 Galaxy                    A
          U14 Wizards vs U14 Whitecaps                B
 5:30     HS Rapids vs HS Galaxy                      C
          HS Real Salt Lake vs HS Red Bulls           D

More Information?

If you have further questions you can email us at register@seminoleyouthsoccer.com or call the league office at 407-324-5354.