Welcome to Seminole Youth Soccer!

Fall 2017 Season

Week 6 – Review

I was out of town this week, but I heard that things got a little wet on Saturday. Thank you to everyone that came out and supported the kids again this week. Unfortunately, I did get a report of a nasty incident that occurred during one of the games. We dealt with it on Saturday, and we hope it is all behind us now.

Week 7 – Preview

It is sad to think that the last weekend of games is upon us. We would like to thank all of the volunteer coaches and team parents for all of their dedication to the kids. We could not operate the league at the low cost without your support. We will have the awards for the kids available before the game at the main tent. Please send a team representative to pick up your awards. We will also have registration forms for the spring 2018 season available. Also, if you are planning on handing out your awards after your game, there are picnic areas throughout the park that are on a first come, first use basis. The pavilions are also available for free if no one has reserved them. If you want to guarantee use of a pavilion, you can rent them through the office at the park. We hope you have a great week, and we hope to see everyone on Saturday.

Please remember the following things each Saturday:

   1. Parking is a problem as the day wears on. There is ample parking in the 
         back of the park.
   2. Have your child/adolescent drink water before, during, and after the game.
   3. Please have kids wear bug spray in the morning and sunscreen in the afternoon.
   4. Arrive early, so games can start on time.
   5. Do not sit or stand behind the goals (unless there are bleachers to sit in).
   6. Please yell only positive comments towards the coaches/referees/players.
   7. Remove yourself from the area if you cannot do the above.

Tentative Games on December 2 Cancelled

We are sorry to say that we will not be able to use the fields on Saturday, December 2 due to scheduled maintenance by the county. The county shuts down the fields annually the week of Thanksgiving. This has never been an issue as we normally complete the fall season before that week. As we all know, Hurricane Irma put a two week delay in starting the season. The problem does not lie in the fact that one more week of games would do great damage to the fields. The problem lies in the fact that outside vendors have been hired to do some of the maintenance which includes the use of heavy pesticides. These are time sensitive events, so the schedule cannot be adjusted.

Week 7 Schedule

                    Saturday, November 18
 8:00	U5 Fire vs U5 Impact - Field 3A
        U5 Union vs U5 Crew - Field 3B
        U12 Crew 1 vs Rapids - Field 4

 8:30	Tots United vs Tots Crew - Field 1A
        Tots Fire vs Tots Rapids - Field 1B
        Tots Timbers vs Tots Dynamo - Field 2A
        Tots Earthquakes vs Tots Revolution - Field 2B
 9:00   HS Rapids vs HS Galaxy - Field  B

 9:30   U5 Sounders vs U5 Impact - Field 3A
        U5 Timbers vs U5-Dynamo - Field 3B
   	U12 Earthquakes 1 vs U12 Wizards - Field 4

10:00	U6 Whitecaps vs U6 Earthquakes - Field 1
        U6 Rapids vs U6 Revolution - Field 2

10:30   HS Real Salt Lake vs HS Red Bulls - Field B

11:00	U8 Crew vs U8 Galaxy - Field 3
        U12 Dynamo vs U12 Earthquakes 2 - Field 4

11:30	U6 Crew vs U6 Dynamo - Field 1
        U6 Sounders vs Galaxy - Field 2

12:00   U14 Galaxy vs U14 Red Bulls - Field B

12:30	U8 Dynamo vs U8 Rapids - Field 3
        U12 Crew 2 vs U12 Galaxy - Field 4

 1:00	U7 Crew vs U7 Galaxy - Field 1
        U7 Sounders vs U7 Wizards - Field 2

 2:00	U8 Sounders vs U8 Timbers United - Field 3
        U10 Sounders vs U10 Wizards - Field 7
        U10 Whitecaps vs U10 Rapids - Field 8
        U12 Revolution vs U12 Whitecaps - Field 4
        U14 Timbers vs U14 Wizards - Field B

 2:30	U7 Whitecaps vs U7 Rapids - Field 1
        U7 Dynamo vs U7 Revolution - Field 2 

 3:30	U10 Revolution vs U10 Wizards - Field 7
 	U10 Crew vs U10 Dynamo - Field 8
        U12 United vs U12 Sounders - Field 4 

 4:00	U14 Dynamo vs U14 Rapids - Field B
        U14 Revolution vs U14 Whitecaps - Field D

More Information?

If you have further questions you can email us at register@seminoleyouthsoccer.com or call the league office at 407-324-5354.