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Spring 2020 Season

Week 1 Preview

The schedule for the week 1 games is posted below. Be sure to check the website each week to make sure the time of your game that week, as the master schedule may change. The park will be very busy this week, as we will be sharing the park with both boys and girls lacrosse. Parking will definitely be an issue the first four weeks of the season. Please be aware that there is plenty of parking inside the park, and you may be ticketed if you park outside the park. If the parking in the main areas is full, you can drive past the fields where there are several parking areas. You can then take the trails through the woods back to the fields.

The other big issue is making sure games start on time. Please make sure you arrive before the time for your child’s game is scheduled. All games must end on time, so that we do not get backed up. If the time expires before the end of the game, we will have to stop the game to allow the next one to start.

Here are some things to remember each week:

   *Arrive early, your game must start on time.
   *Be sure to apply sunscreen to your child.
   *Be sure to use bug spray before morning games.
   *Do not yell at the coaches/referees.
   *Use only positive encouragement towards the kids.
   *Utilize the parking in the back of the park.

Schedules and Uniforms

The schedules are posted for all age groups. Please remember that the schedule can change throughout the season, so be sure to check the website each week before you come out to your game. We will have the current week's schedule posted by the Monday of the games. Uniforms for new players and those who ordered new ones will be here at the first game on February 29. Be sure to arrive early so your child can get into his/her uniform before their game starts. Here are some dates to remember:
   * On-time registration ends 1/10/20
   * Opening practices 2/15/20
   * Opening games 2/29/20 (Leap Year!)
   * Open weeks for spring break 3/14/20 and 3/21/20
   * Last games 5/9/20
                  Game Schedule
                February 29, 2020

Time      Teams                             Field
 8:00	  U5 Timbers vs U5 Whitecaps          3A
          U5 Dynamo vs U5 Sounders            3B
          U10 Crew vs U10 Dynamo              4
 8:30	  Tots Galaxy vs Tots Dynamo          1A
          Tots Sounders vs Tots United        1B
          Tots Whitecaps vs Tots Fire         2A
 9:30     U5 Crew vs U5 Revolution            3A
 	  U5 Fire vs U5 Galaxy                3B
          U10 Rapids 2 vs U10 Sounders        4

10:00	  U6 Impact vs U6 Earthquakes         1
 	  U6 Whitecaps vs U6 Galaxy           2
11:00	  U8 Rapids vs U8 Revolution          3
          U10 Galaxy 2 vs U10 Whitecaps       4

11:30	  U6 Timbers vs U6 United             1
 	  U6 Dynamo vs U6 Sounders 1          2

12:30	  U8 Galaxy vs U8 Earthquakes         3
          U10 Rapids 1 vs U10 Timbers United  4
          U10 Galaxy 1 - Bye Week (No Game)

 1:00	  U6 Fire vs U6 Sounders 2            1
 	  U7 Timbers vs U7 Union              2

 2:00	  U8 Sounders vs U8 Fire              3
          U12 Wizards vs U12 Rapids           4
 2:30	  U7 Sounders vs U7 Impact            1
 	  U7 Crew vs U7 Dynamo                2
 3:30     U12 Earthquakes vs U12 Dynamo       4
 4:00	  U7 Fire vs U7 Rapids                1
          U12 Galaxy vs U12 Crew              5
          U12 Whitecaps vs U12 Sounders       6
 	  U14 Crew vs U14 Dynamo 1            A

 5:00     U14 Rapids vs U14 Revolution        C

 5:30     U14 Earthquakes 1 vs U14 Whitecaps  A
          U14 Earthquakes 2 vs U14 United     B
          U14 Dynamo 2 - Bye Week (No Game)
          HS Chivas vs HS Fire                D

 6:30     HS Galaxy vs HS Rapids              C

More Information?

If you have further questions you can email us at register@seminoleyouthsoccer.com or call the league office at 407-324-5354.